Welcome To The Guardian Academy

Built for purpose-driven individuals, organizations, and companies looking to derive value from and bring value to the web3 world.
TGA was designed to empower people with the ability to safely and strategically navigate DeFi.

About The Guardian Academy (TGA)

It’s been and long and bumpy road for the earliest adopters of Bitcoin. Since the inception of Bitcoin we have experienced the innovation of blockchain 1.0 and 2.0, we have seen layer 1’s created, forked, and built on top of.
What has become apparent is that there is an endless supply of potential application of smart contracts and protocols. Innovation requires more than just new technology, it requires application and reinvention; that is to say that in order to be adopted, new comers must come in and find new and useful ways to utilize what already exists. Just as the internet made it possible for more people to do more good in the world, we believe that blockchain and it’s applications will do the same; it will be applied on a large scale and profoundly change what is deemed possible. On a long time horizon, we believe blockchain will improve much for posterity. However, there are still problems to be solved (see: What problem are we solving). Since its establishment, TGA ecosystem has been an observer, participant and beneficiary in the crypto world. What we have done, will continue to do, and help others do is remove the “disconnect” between the “crypto” world and the real world.
The greatest benefit to mankind is not isolating the two, but combining them to create meaningful synergies.

Retail Education, Community and Connection

What is often colloquial referred to as “The Guardian Academy” is the tiered community built around educating people how to navigate defi safely and various ways of thinking about investing. Even though TGA is blockchain based, the value of these tiers goes far beyond just investing in crypto.
TGA is designed to put out as much education as possible and create an “army” of Guardians that are contributing to the body of knowledge and helping others navigate the web3 world. The free content is free to peruse, binge and share however the reader or viewer sees fit. The structured content is designed as a “tiered” system for students to become “Guardians”. By the time one reaches “Guardian” status they should have a deep understanding of defi, the basics of leadership and know themselves. Guardians are then encouraged to add to the body of knowledge and have a positive impact in the world with the full support of The Guardian Academy, our partners and collaborators. (See: Incentive programs)