Meet The Team

The anonymity factor of Crypto makes it easy for rug pulls (whether with malicious intent or a lack of competence) and scams to occur. The founder of the Wolf Den is as doxxed (documented) as one can get.
After reading more about his accomplishments in the real life, you'll come to see that he stands to lose more than he does to gain from any malicious intent as his circle and influence are invested in the project.

Lord Nic Peterson, Sheriff

When mega successful people have an impossible problem they can’t solve, they call Nic for help. Nic is a lifelong student, visionary and entrepreneur. He also loves to take naps every day.
From starting and scaling multiple 7-figure businesses, to now owning multiple different businesses and serving over 40+ private clients to successfully exiting multiple companies he is now focused on education through the Certainty Certification program and using the allure of crypto to help others actually slow down, construct a solvable problem and discern the most efficient path forward. The thing he is most grateful for is the number of extraordinary humans he has had the privilege of working and partnering with over the last decade. You can see what some of them have to say here
Nic has been fortunate to work with some of the top performers, business owners and coaches on the planet.

Here is what some of them have said:

Justin Breen
Dan Nicholson
John Rowley
Timothy Dick
Dr. Jeff Spencer
“Nic is a polymath, a true genius, a connector of the world’s top people and a collector of the most incredible minds. His brain is unique, even among a land of unique brains. He understands concepts at the highest levels, where few dare to dream. And, yet, he can translate those ideas and concepts to the world — providing profound results in the process.”
Justin Breen BrEpic Runs international PR firm that works exclusively with visionaries and authored No. 1 International Best-Selling Book, Epic Business
“Nic understands how to play the long game. Work with him if you want to consistently win. Don’t if you just want a quick win and then burn out.”
Dan Nicholson Nth Degree CPAs Dan founded and operates a Top Ten Well Run Accounting Firm In The US
“In business and in life, Nic is one of the best men I know. He has stood with me through my successes and near death. I can’t speak highly enough for Nic.”
John Rowley Best selling author, fitness & lifestyle master. John sits on the board of Clickbank where they have “John Rowley Day” every year.
“Nic keeps things simple and uses common sense to hone-in on the fastest, most direct path to achieving your goals while trying to strategically avoid friction and stress. We need more people like Nic in the world.”​
Timothy Dick Profitlayer.com Tim is the Founder and CEO of VOIPO and ProfitLayer. 3-time Inc 5000 CEO
“Every once in a while someone shows up in my life that I describe to my wife as having a “bent frame”. They’re tweaked. The mental math they use to manifest possibility and solve dilemmas is different. Unorthodox methods and unshakeable certainty about what can be achieved are their trademarks. What they touch turns to gold. Nic Peterson has a “bent frame”. And, that makes Bumpers a key read for anyone who wants to make extraordinary their normal. It is an inspiring work that shows the fundamental actions that enable exponential productivity and, better yet, can have fun doing it. I finished Bumpers in one short sitting. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
Dr. Jeff Spencer Recognized as one the leading sport chiropractors in the world, 9 years tour de france chiropractor and mindset coach. 45 olympic, world, tour de france and national champions, 9 olympic golds. Creator of the Champion’s Blueprint

Core Team

Brovin "Buy High, Sell Low"

Brovin is best known for his unintentionally charitable nature. His desire to help others is so deeply engrained it’s likely even subconscious. He was first recognized for his odd tenacity to pump others' bags by buying high and selling low, so frequently in fact, that it earned it a combot command in the Wolf Den TG.
In all seriousness, Brovin really is driven by an impulse to help. After coming home from his day job as a healthcare worker, Brovin enjoyed actively participating in the Wolf Den; first by learning, then by sharing. He was enthralled by the vast unknown of the cryptoverse, but moreso by the #wolfish teachings from The Team on how to navigate the cryptospace to financial freedom.
Brovin has since had the privilege of joining The Team, where he hopes to continue being a part of the greatest community in crypto and empower others to become leaders and guardians of their own.

R. Andrew Springer aka (Dicka)

Dicka has worked in many industries throughout his life. He's been an employee of Dairy Queen and the Marketing manager for his family business, as well as everything in between (he was even a janitor for a while). He got involved in crypto in 2017 at the urging of his wife. After months of losing or breaking even with trading he joined Moonshot Mastermind and there encountered Nic and the rest of the Wolf Den Team.
He knew he was missing something, not just about crypto, but life. Listening to Nic speak sparked an interest in him. When Nic announced he was launching a token Dicka did not hesitate to join. Since then he's shown up and made himself useful as much as possible. He's currently enrolled as a CCA student.
He has realized that Wolf Den Crypto is about so much more than Crypto, it's about "Closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be."

Doc Kev "Pepe Chu"

Doc loves tacos, Crypto, and memes. He was just another healthcare worker slave to the system like Brovin (who still is). One day that all changed after too many salsa verde al pastor tacos which caused the green frog known as Pepe to take over.
Doc Kev has mastered the lost art of 2 fingers typing, combining memes and words on medium to help out his fellow degens navigate the world of Crypto.
The true identity of Doc Kev is still out there, kind of how you know Bruce Wayne is Batman, but just don't know how to prove it. One day he may even show up to an in person Wolf Den event. If that day ever comes, "A Wild Doc Kev has appeared" will only be fitting.
In the meantime Doc Kev will serve as your guide for all things technical or conceptual in the Wolf Den Ecosystem.

Kally "Mom"

Kally is the mama bear of the Wolf Den always checking in on the cubs and making sure they’re learning to crawl before they can walk and then go on to run.
Once immersed in the world of sales she has taken a break to care for her real life cub for the next year.
She’s not the type to fully put work to rest, so she helps the Wolf Den by breaking out concepts into simple to digest videos. She’s specifically passionate about introducing women into the crypto community and leveraging the Wolf Den to get them closer to independence are her top priorities.

Matty Dubs "The Hair"

Matty Dubs is actually just a luscious head of hair that is the envy of the defi world.
This hair needed a host, however, in order to communicate with the world.
So it found a werewolf with which to form a symbiotic relationship.
By day, this pair runs a business consulting firm and does a poor job hiding its true identity. You could say this creature is semi-doxxed if you look just hard enough.
By night, it runs with the Wolf Den pack focusing on how to build tools to help other business owners pump their treasury's bags, create employee incentive programs, and be better competitors in their industry.
Creating a real-world impact, and attracting new money into defi that otherwise would be intimidated are two areas where the Wolf Den derives distinction…and these are Matty Dubs primary purpose on the team.
Well….that and sharing his meticulous hair care routine to make sure the whole wolf den can look the part.
The secret? A daily surf, and shaking the water off like a dog (wolf).

R R- All American Hero, Rocket Rolf

RR (pronounced "ARR ARR" like ye be a pirate) is fascinated with human behavior.
Specifically, how to better learn about and change his own behavior to more often live an inspired life.
This fascination is what led him to the Wolf Den. The idea of getting “closer” to his goals and dreams vs obtaining/doing “more” resonated with him.
With a background in integrations and operations, along with being a Creative Director in his previous life, RR is focused on helping the Team with projects so they can focus on high impact initiatives that move the needle forward.

Dan Nicholson

The Wolf Den's resident Wealth Wizard & human computer as well as the only CPA the Den trusts explicitly to handle their taxes, accounting, and strategic wealth accumulation both with crypto and outside of the defi space.
Dan founded Nth Degree CPAs in Seattle in 2008 with the objective of building a successful practice by helping small business owners cultivate good accounting and tax practices to achieve their financial goals. Nth Degree is currently rated a top-ten mid-sized firm in the country.
Dan is also co-founder of the CCA program, a curriculum that teaches and certifies others in many the methodologies baked into the Wolf Den content
A Northwest native, Dan grew up in Renton and attended Seattle University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with emphasis in both Accounting and E-Commerce Information Systems.
Upon graduation, Dan was selected out of a pool of nominees from the nation’s top 50 accounting programs for an exclusive fellowship with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). As a member of the GASB team, he was responsible for managing all technical inquiries and assisted what has become Statement No. 53, "Accounting and Financial Reporting for Derivative Instruments." (For those who don’t speak CPA, accountants consider setting a national standard to be a big deal).